Comments taken from student evaluations of ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 27000 and BS 25999 training courses taught by Sue Snyder.

“It certainly was an excellent class!!  The training was awesome! Excellent instructor! She kept the audience engaged, interested and enthusiastic while instructing and emphasizing the VALUABLE purpose, scope and objectives of QUALITY (AS9100 Rev C and much more)!!! LOVED it!”

“We absolutely LOVED having Sue with us and she moved us along significantly and addressed all our concerns and questions very thoroughly.”

“I’ve been telling everyone I know about how beneficial your class was compared to training I’ve had in the past.”

“Thanks for making the class interesting and bringing the course material to life….”

“Thanks so much for being very interesting interactive instructor that made the class for me.”

“You were a great Instructor and I learned a lot in the class.

“I am looking forward to perform my first audit as a Lead Auditor.”

“I enjoyed the AS9100 lead auditor course you taught in Dallas. Something I learned in the course has come to mind nearly every work day since then and I frequently reference the course materials. I have fond memories of that week — I really like your teaching style and appreciated the participation of fellow students. There are so many educational/training requirements that are goofy and it is PAINFUL to sit through them — this course was definitely a diamond in the rough, largely because of you.”

“Sue was fantastic. The students thought she was patient, knowledgeable, had great examples, and brought the standard to real life in our organization.”

“I really am sincere when I tell you that was one of the most effective learning experiences we have been exposed to here. My folks are energized and rocking to go…. Sue, you are totally a cool, grounded, professional who knows their business and is willing to share that knowledge and experience, not just read from the charts. Thank You very much we will use what you taught us .”