Train the Trainer

Objective: To develop the communication and teaching skills necessary to train the workforce within your organization.

Target Audience: Potential, Beginning, and Middle Management Personnel

Focus: The focus of these workshops is to supplement existing technical expertise with improved abilities to communicate with employees. The participants will develop the knowledge and skills to become effective teachers, trainers, and communicators. This will be done by equipping the “Trainer’s Tool Box” with proven skills and techniques, thereby increasing the confidence and comfort level in the area of communication and daily supervision.

Knowledge and Competency will be developed in the following:

  • Where Are We Coming From?
  • The Importance of Effective Communication and How to Achieve It
  • Listening vs. Hearing
  • Communication Is a Two-way Street
  • Simple Steps to Teaching Anything
  • Fostering a Collaborative Atmosphere
  • Addressing “Special Needs” Employees
  • Reacting to Difficult Personalities
  • Dealing with Conflict

In conjunction with the presentation of the above topics, class participation and hands-on activities will be utilized to facilitate acquisition of skills and evaluate understanding.

The workshops are customized to address specific issues at your location and for the differing levels of management that may be in need of training.