Baseline Analysis

Costs dependent on the size of the organization and the on-site time required. The analysis is performed by a certified quality management systems auditor, beginning with a review of your documentation. We need any of the following information you may already have one week before the scheduled audit date.

  • Quality Manual
  • Quality Policy and Organizational Charts
  • Representative Sampling of Orocedures, including supporting flowcharts
  • Quality System Procedure
  • Internal Audit Reports
  • Minutes of Management Review Meetings
  • Procedures Index
  • Corrective Action Procedure
  • Nonconforming Product Procedure
  • Representative Sampling of Training Records
  • Personnel Policies or Manual

The next, vital step is on-site. We will conduct a thorough question and answer session with management familiar with aspects of the operation which may in any way affect product quality. A complete facility tour will be taken to acquaint us with production processes and to get a feel for employee knowledge and commitment to quality. A report will be issued describing the internal resources currently available and where you are now versus where you need to be to meet the standards of this excellent quality management system. The session concludes with your management team participating in a workshop to develop a time line for installing the quality management system and determining the external costs that can be expected.