Path to ISO 9001 Certification

Path To Certification

  • Create Management Awareness/Open Communication
  • Baseline Analysis
  • Appoint Quality Representatives
  • Set Up Working Groups
  • Define Policies and Objectives
  • Define Responsibilities and Lines of Communications
  • List Activities To Be Controlled
  • Develop Flow Chart
  • Write Procedures All Departments
  • Develop Corrective Action System
  • Approve Quality System
  • Implementation
  • Internal Audit Process
  • Registrar Selection
  • Pre-Audit
  • Certification Audit
  • Surveillance Audits
  • Re-Certification Audit


Important Programs

These programs make the path to certification more effective:

Employee Commitment
Orientation (all employees)
Internal Auditing
Lead Assessor
Training is completed as applicable.
System Evaluation System Evaluation follows each implementation step.