ISO 9001

Where is your organization in its ISO 9001 efforts? Join the over 900,000 organizations world-wide in improving your own quality management system by obtaining ISO certification. The European Union, the Department of Defense, NASA, and many customers are requiring certification.

ISO 9001, the most successful management system standard of modern times, is being revised and updated. As part of this process the ISO committee responsible for it is surveying all types of users of ISO 9000/9001 to get their views. The results will be an important input for the committee in deciding what the future shape of ISO 9001 will be. Anyone can contribute (consumers, end users, clients of certification bodies, auditors, etc are all welcome).

Benefits of ISO Certification

  • Elevate your company to world-class status
  • Gain better control of total operations
  • Create a company-wide communication center
  • Provide a more cohesive working environment
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Enhance your marketing position at home and abroad
  • Add an average 10% to your bottom line

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