Dr. Raymond H. Myers – Statistics Specialist


Dr. Myers has been Professor Emeritus of Statistics at Virginia Tech for the past five years. Before retiring in 1995, he was a Professor of Statistics beginning in July 1971. He was a Director of Statistics Consulting Center from 1975 to 1992.

He hold Ph.D. and MS degrees in Statistics from Virginia Tech, as well as a BS in Chemical Engineering. Dr. Myers’ teaches courses in experimental design and analysis, theory of the linear hypothesis, graduate and advanced graduate courses in regression analysis, introductory and advanced graduate courses in response surface analysis and design, undergraduate courses in engineering statistics, and graduate courses in multivariate analysis.

Dr. Myers has conducted industrial and government consulting throughout the country, as well as conducting many industrial trainings. He has been director of forty Ph.D. dissertations and eleven MS theses. He has presented over 100 presentations and papers at national and international meetings. Dr. Myers has received many honors, including the Shewhart Award, ASQ, in 1999. His most recent award, the American Society Society for Quality’s Brumbaugh Award, in 2000, was given for his article published in theĀ Journal of Quality Technology, “Response Surface Methodology – Current Status and Future Directions”.