ISO audits make a difference

June 24, 2011 8:00 am Published by

GraphWe’re often asked how third-party ISO audits contribute to a company’s bottom line.

After all, it takes a commitment of time, energy and money to move quality systems to world-class levels. The results will show – eventually. This is not about instant-gratification savings.

To help illustrate how third-party ISO audits can help a company, we’re asked one of our clients to share some examples.

Adaptive Technologies Inc. of Blacksburg is a research and development company that tackles problems associated with noise control, hearing protection and signal processing. Though not a manufacturer, which typically requires some sort of ISO registration to do business, Adaptive Technologies (ATI) understands the many ways ISO certification can enhance efficiencies and streamline operations.

ISO-certified companies face routine audits as a way to grow their business. Jon Hager and his team at ATI tell us they used to have 12-17 ISO audits every year. Now they’re down to just 6-8 a year, saving valuable time by being better prepared for audits, conducting fewer audits and enjoying improved results.

We helped them cut the number of procedures they had to maintain by a third and reduced their quality manual by nearly 70 percent. How? By simplifying their previous processes and procedures. Now, leaner in their operations, they’re focusing on growth.

So while eking out efficiencies with streamlined processes is always nice, ISO education really pays off when a trusted advisor helps to steer their future direction.

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This post was written by Roy D'Ardenne