ISO 14001 revision to reflect bigger thinking

April 3, 2014 4:29 pm Published by

The world’s most popular standard for environmental management closer to final draft. ISO 14001 is being reviewed by members of WG5/SC1/TC207.

This is a positive development — an opportunity to align environmental management to ISO’s High Level Structure, the common structure for management system standards.

We like this approach because it takes a growing and increasingly important topic and aligns it with bigger thinking.

This includes applying risk-based thinking to consider the context and requirements of interested parties; applying a life cycle perspective to identifying risks; and aligning the management of environment to an organization’s overall strategic planning process.

This development will ultimately help to indoctrinate standards into one way of thinking – doing what’s best for an organization’s long-term success.

Following approval, Committee Draft 2 (CD2) will be moved to Draft International Standard (DIS) status. If the changes are approved at two upcoming international meetings, a final draft will be ready for vote in 2015.

Our vote? Yes.

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