Harness the power of ISO 9000 and Six Sigma

January 6, 2012 12:33 pm Published by

Six Sigma, BSiMany companies see ISO 9001 and Six Sigma as two different standards that must compete for scarce resources.

ISO 9000, of course, is a well-established international standard for quality management systems for all kinds of companies in nearly every industry. Six Sigma, meanwhile, is a methodology for process improvement made popular by its adaption at global giants like GE and Motorola.

And yet, taken together, these hallmarks of effective management can make quite an impact on a company’s bottom line.

Here’s a great article that explains just this. To quote:

“Six Sigma and ISO 9000 can be highly complementary. Unfortunately, the two concepts often are driven by different project leaders, competing for resources and therefore not delivering the best results. There is, however, a way to combine the power of both concepts to add value to a company.”

One of the major differences between both systems is that ISO 9000 provides a structure of requirements without any tools whereas Six Sigma is a methodology connecting tools and procedures to apply tools.

It’s no longer efficient to have a quality management system and process improvement approach existing side-by-side without any integration. As the authors in the referenced article put it, “Aligning ISO 9000 and Six Sigma can help improve the credibility of the ISO 9000 quality management system and the sustainability of the Six Sigma initiative at the same time. It can save resources and investments; and it enriches the way to manage the business.”

That’s why D’Ardenne Associates is now offering Six Sigma training. Led by associate Becky Kates, we’re now training employees at all levels how to improve productivity and achieve White Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt certification.

So go ahead. Harness the power of both ISO and Six Sigma. Check out our course calendar and register today.

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This post was written by Roy D'Ardenne