Don’t shut down your focus on quality

October 7, 2013 3:25 pm Published by

One of the refreshing things about management systems standards is that we stick to and analyze the facts – how to navigate quality objectives, business goals, customer satisfaction and so on.

Not always the case in Congress.

We’re not about to wax political, but the government shutdown raises some interesting questions when it comes to quality management.

Can you imagine the private sector and non-profit organizations displaying the kind of lapse in leadership and transparency we’ve seen from our federally elected officials? We wouldn’t be in business long.

Imagine the lack of a Plan B if a business were to temporarily shut down? We doubt Congress considered business continuity planning.

And wouldn’t it be great to give Congress a little primer on management system standards? Our government would be so much better.

So while politics take their course, keep up your focus on quality. That should never shut down.

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This post was written by Roy D'Ardenne