Customer satisfaction: It starts with happy employees

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Customer satisfaction: It starts with happy employees

What do some of the most successful companies have in common? Whether it’s Southwest Airlines, Zappos or Ernst & Young – all lauded for having happy employees – it starts with customer service at home.

Taking care of your own, it reasons, leads to more customer satisfaction – which is the core of all ISO management systems.

Last month we wrote about the role of customer satisfaction in ISO standards.

Today we wanted to share an item written by Jonathan Port in the July issue of Quality Progress. He writes about seven ways to enhance workplace relationships, motivation and productivity. (Please contact us if you’d like to read the entire article.)

He argues that motivation is achieved by tapping the seven internal desires and drives of a person and connecting him or her to an objective, helping the person to become motivated to achieve. These seven desires are:

  • Desire 1: To be heard and understood. Listening to speakers communicates to them that they are valued as workers and are worthy of attention.
  • Desire 2: To be affirmed. It’s not surprising that people want their accomplishments and efforts acknowledged.
  • Desire 3: To be blessed. This can mean hearing “please” and “thank you” or having personal boundaries observed.
  • Desire 4: To be safe. Workers want to feel safe when expressing ideas. They want assurances of confidentiality. People also want a physically safe workplace environment.
  • Desire 5: To be touched. Employees have relationships and feelings. Connect with the emotional drive in the person to establish rapport.
  • Desire 6: To be chosen. Whenever possible, try lifting other people up and letting them know they are chosen, instead of making them feel as though you are stuck with them.
  • Desire 7: To be included. We are social creatures and want to belong. When we are included, we feel accepted. Being included gives us purpose and definition beyond ourselves. We want to identify with others.

Are you taking care of your employees so they can excel for your customers?

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