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Providing the highest quality

As featured in Valley Business FRONT

chris-ottDALB provides printing and thermoforming products that help our customers enhance their brands. We specialize in products ranging from large backlit signage for beverage equipment to lenticular tickets for the entertainment industry. Providing our customers with the highest quality of products and service is what we do best.

We earn customer loyalty by providing products, services and experiences which surpass expectations and provide the greatest perceived value. That´s why we obtained an ISO certification. We wanted to ensure that we could remain competitive globally.

D´Ardenne Associates instructed and guided us on every aspect of the ISO 9000 certification program. Roy helped us establish documentation, trained our staff and internal auditors, helped us select a registrar, and ensured that we obtained our certification.

D´Ardenne did such a great job of establishing our ISO program and training our staff that we rarely receive non-conformances during external audits.

I would recommend D´Ardenne to any company that is interested in starting or improving upon an ISO9000 program. They present a very professional and positive demeanor, are very knowledgeable in all aspects of the ISO program and are very flexible to work with.


— Chris Ott, Executive Director of IT and Government Compliance, DALB, Kearneysville, WV

Setting the standard in global marketplace

As featured in Valley Business FRONT

Escort Data Loggers, Inc. designs and manufactures the most technically advanced and reliable self-powered data loggers in the world. Our products ensure the safe transport of perishable items for the food, life science, medical and other industries.

Quality and dependability are critical in our business. There´s a lot at stake. That´s why we are ISO 9001:2008 certified. This global standard of excellence in management systems helps us compete successfully in the crowded global marketplace.

D´Ardenne Associates is a partner in our process, with onsite training and guidance in preparation for our ISO certification. Once certified we relied on D´Ardenne to ensure our high standards are maintained and capable of sustaining our growth. And today, D´Ardenne continues to work with us by providing internal auditing to ensure our system is reviewed in an independent and unbiased manner.

D´Ardenne Associates has been paramount to our success. We are a very lean organization that continues to evolve and gain new clients. We are realizing our goals in large part due to our structured system that strives to maintain customer satisfaction using repeatable processes and tools to continually improve the health of the system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 requirements. D´Ardenne has consistently anticipated our needs and provided the necessary resources through every stage of the process, from initial training to consulting to internal auditing.

ISO 9001:2008 legitimizes our organization, and sets a standard that makes EDL a frontrunner in the competitive global market place. This international certification assures our customers of our commitment to quality, and motivates potential customers to have confidence in us because of our certification.

— Charles Whiting, CEO, Escort Data Loggers, Inc., Buchanan, VA