Adaptive Technologies

Our ISO audits are down 50%

As featured in Valley Business FRONT

jon-hagerCompanies like ours that are ISO certified face routine audits as a way to grow their business. We used to have 12-17 ISO audits every year. Now we’re down to just 6-8 a year, saving valuable time.

How did we do it?

We count on D´Ardenne Associates to manage our ISO audits and train our staff. With Roy D´Ardenne and his team, we get the expertise we need to move our quality system to world-class levels. That means better preparation for audits, fewer audits and better results.

Even though we’re not a manufacturer — Adaptive Technologies Inc. is a research and development company that tackles problems associated with noise control, hearing protection and signal processing — D´Ardenne Associates has made a huge difference in making our business processes so much more effective. In fact, they go beyond just ISO audit requirements to help us determine goals and stretch goals to grow our business.

The result? Not just fewer audits. We reduced the number of procedures we have to maintain by a third. We reduced our quality manual by almost 70 percent. And we have improved the goals for our business and how we measure those goals.

Roy really got us thinking about our business and what measures we should have in place to drive success. He and his team are more than ISO experts. They are teachers, facilitators and advisors.

You’ll want D´Ardenne Associates on your team.

— Jon Hager, president, Adaptive Technologies, Inc., Blacksburg, VA