Are you keeping up with maturing ISO standards?

August 2, 2011 4:13 pm Published by

Hand pointing at bar graphBack in the early days of ISO, with the introduction of ISO 9001 in 1987, management system standards changed the way companies operate.

With the advent of its 2008 version, ISO now requires that companies demonstrate that the system is being used to add value to their organization.

In performing third-party certification audits and conducting training, we’re seeing organizations that have implemented their system more than a decade ago but haven’t been able to fully take advantage of ISO’s ability to drive bottom-line improvements. Many companies haven’t kept up with ISO’s maturation and don’t see how much more the newer standards can make a significant difference in their businesses.

There are companies in industries such as aerospace, automobiles, defense and manufacturing that have recognized that for years but many companies have been content to be stagnant or to not take advantage of the changed direction of the standard.

Perhaps it’s time to get your company out of the “good enough” mentality and take the initiative to achieve world-class standards in productivity and profit.

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This post was written by Roy D'Ardenne