Aerospace industry takes off with AS 9100

September 12, 2011 10:48 am Published by

SatelliteThe competitive and regulated aerospace industry demands quality products, processes and service. It’s not simply a matter of increasing sales. For an industry where safety is paramount, being certified in quality management systems is a necessity.

That’s why there’s a system designed exclusively for the aerospace industry, AS 9100.

AS 9100 is an international collaborative effort to create a fully robust and standardized quality management system specific to the aerospace industry. The standard is based on key aspects such as airworthiness, safety, reliability and product conformity.

If you’re in the aerospace industry, working in anything from design and manufacturing to maintenance and parts distribution, becoming AS 9100 compliant enables you to:

  • Improve your management system processes so you can attain high-level output to meet your customers’ expectations.
  • Monitor business processes more efficiently so that management can eliminate inefficiencies, optimize resources and make continual improvements.
  • Ensure your products and services have a consistently high level of quality, safety and reliability to minimize costs and grow market share.

We’re thrilled to have on our team Sue Snyder, whose 15 years of extensive experience in aviation includes leadership in development, implementation, maintenance and auditing of business management systems.

Our October course, AS 9100C:Lead Auditor teaches the principles and practices of effective quality management systems for aerospace.

Now’s your chance to lead your company to the same high-level standards as the global aerospace industry.

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